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Online Master of Studies in Law & Online Business Law Certificate

Master of Studies in Law (M.S.L.)

The Online Master of Studies in Law (M.S.L.) is a 21 unit master's degree that provides students with foundational knowledge of U.S. law, and offers a platform to better understand the intersection of law and policy, the legal environment of business, as well as the application of law in their respective industries. The online M.S.L. brings legal education to meet the demand of professionals who are not lawyers but deal with legal-related responsibilities in their daily work.

Graduates will be equipped with the knowledge and skills to more effectively manage legal-related components in their workplace. Graduates of this program will strengthen their critical thinking skills and will be able to thoughtfully read and analyze case law, regulatory policies, and statutes. This degree is intended for students who are interested in learning more about the law in the U.S. and how law affects their fields, but who do not want to practice law.

Business Law Certificate (B.L.C.)

The Online Business Law Certificate (B.L.C.)** is a 12 unit non-degree program that specifically focuses on the intersection between law and business. Students will enroll in courses designed to provide them with a fundamental understanding of the major laws governing business. This elective certificate is available for students to enroll in independently, or concurrently with the M.S.L. degree.

Students who enroll in our B.L.C. and who later determine that they would like to pursue the Online MSL can apply all B.L.C. units that have been completed satisfactorily to the Online M.S.L. degree. All admitted B.L.C. students are automatically eligible to enroll in the Online M.S.L. It is an easy process to matriculate to the Online M.S.L. from the B.L.C. without the need to submit a full and separate application.

Develop a Competitive Edge in Your Career with a M.S.L. or B.L.C. Specialization

Given the pervasiveness of law in many fields, the M.S.L. and B.L.C. programs will meet the growing demand non-lawyers have to develop familiarity with the fundamentals of law and to better understand the intersection of law and policy, as well as the application of law in their respective industries. Graduates will have a comprehensive understanding of the U.S. legal system, learn advanced legal terminology including legal writing skills, the ability to perform legal research and analysis, and practical knowledge of the legal profession. Both recent graduates and established professionals can use the M.S.L. and B.L.C. programs to enhance and compliment their existing skills and knowledge to gain a competitive edge in their fields.

Benefit from the Flexible Online Format

The M.S.L. program furthers the USC Gould School of Law's vision to bring together discussion and interactive learning in the curriculum. Our online programs utilize a unique online platform that allows students to connect with their peers and faculty in an engaging and meaningful way. Through a combination of real-time lectures and class discussions, message board participation, and interactive modules, students develop legal analysis and research skills. This multi-faceted approach provides flexibility and convenience so that students can maintain their professional and personal commitments while developing practical legal knowledge.

Convenient, 100% online courses permit students to earn this degree while concurrently pursuing other professional activities. M.S.L. students can complete their degrees in as few as three semesters, and B.L.C. students can complete their certificates in as few as two semesters. Students of both programs can tailor their schedule to meet demands of their personal or professional lives.

Challenge Yourself with Highly Qualified Students and Faculty

M.S.L. and B.L.C. students "sit alongside" Online LL.M. students, who have undergraduate credentials in law, in our dynamic and engaging classroom format. Our unique and advanced online format offers great interaction between and among students and faculty members, who are esteemed full-time and adjunct professors from USC Gould School of Law.

*Prospective students should note that a Master of Studies in Law (M.S.L.) degree does not allow graduates to sit for any bar exam in the U.S. nor does it allow graduates to practice law in the United States. The Business Law Certificate is not a degree; it is a post-graduate specialization certificate, and similarly does not allow graduates to practice law in the United States.

** The following link provides information regarding jobs, cost, loan debt and completion rate for the business law certificate program: http://financialaid.usc.edu/general/special-programs/certificates/businesslaw/Gedt.html.

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