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Career Opportunities

Master of International Trade Law and Economics (MITLE)

Having familiarity with the laws, policies, and practices that shape international trade and economics may help you:

  • Increase your competitiveness as a job applicant by holding a master's degree in legal and economic studies
  • Add value to your current role through greater understanding of how law and economics intersect with your responsibilities
  • Prepare for specialized career paths with tailored coursework

Possible Career Pathways

Here are some common examples of in-demand jobs where having additional economic and legal knowledge could help you excel:

  • Government Official
  • Economic Consultant
  • Risk Analyst
  • Research Economist
  • Trade Analyst

Graduates of this program may also find positions with government agencies, consultancy firms, multinational companies, and non-governmental organizations.

Note that this not a comprehensive list of jobs or employers that could benefit from a MITLE degree.

Is the MITLE Degree Right for You?

In determining whether our MITLE degree is right for you, first consider your ultimate career goals. Knowing these goals will help you understand how our MITLE courses might help you achieve those goals, and whether the degree will open new opportunities for you.

Our degree is meant to be used to enhance your current skillset, so students who can identify how they plan to use this degree to develop their careers will be in an excellent position to achieve their goals.

Moreover, a degree from a top school such as USC can help open new opportunities in your current profession. Many of our students are able to expand their professional networks simply because they are a member of the Trojan Family, our strong and well-known alumni community.

The MITLE degree aims to prepare its graduates to work in business or analyst roles that emphasize international trade. Potential employers include multinational organizations, importers/exporters, and international consulting firms. Ultimately, there are many ways in which the MITLE degree might help you shape or recreate your career, and the specific path for how it can help will be up to you.

The MITLE degree is not intended to train you for a career as an attorney, nor to prepare you for a state bar exam. Our advisors are happy to speak with you to discuss whether the MITLE degree might benefit your career path.

Optional Practical Training

Some master’s students attending USC on an F-1 student visa choose to enhance their U.S. legal education by gaining short-term, practical training after graduation. The USC Gould Graduate & International Programs office will assist you with the application for Optional Practical Training (OPT) during the spring semester. For current rules on OPT - the authorization required for eligibility for such work experiences - visit the USC Office of International Students website.

Taking the Next Step

Are you interested in exploring new career opportunities with a MITLE degree? Please feel free to contact one of our advisors about our program, our application process and our deadlines.

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