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USC Gould School of Law

31:1 Winter 2022

17:2 Spring 2008


15:2 Spring 2006


  • RAISING THE BAR IN THE AFFIRMATIVE ACTION DEBATE: A Pragmatic Comment on Professor Richard H. Sander's Systematic Analysis of Affirmative Action in American Law Schools Article
    L. Darnell Weeden
  • LANGUAGE GAMES: Regulating Adult Establishments and the Obfuscation of Gender
    Lynn Mills Eckert
  • LITIGATING SALVATION: Race, Religion and Innocence in the Karla Faye Tucker and Gray Graham Cases
    Melynda J. Price


    Robyn L. Ikehara
  • REFLECTIONS ON PROTECTING CONSCIENCE FOR HEALTH CARE PROVIDERS: A Call for More Inclusive Statutory Protection in Light of Constitutional Considerations
    Courntey Miller

15:1 Fall 2005


  • THE FEMINIST PERVASION : How Gender-Based Scholarship Informs Law and Law Teaching
    Joan MacLeod Heminway, Ann Bartow, F. Carolyn Graglia, and Deseriee Kennedy
    Deseriee Kennedy
  • MONOGAMY, LICENTIOUSNESS, DESUETUDE AND MERE TOLERANCE: The Multiple Interpretations of Lawrence v. Texas
    Mark Strasser


  • THE EUROPEAN UNION GENDER LABORATORY: Its Effect on Eastern European Candidate Countries
    Star Eneva
  • JUVENILE STRIKES: Unconstitutional under Apprendi and Blakely and Incompatible with the Rehabilitative Ideal
    Alissa Malzman

14:2 Spring 2005


    Sarah L. Wells
  • HOW THE CONFRONTATION CLAUSE DEFEATED THE RAPE SHIELD STATUTE: Acquiantance Rape, the Consent Defense and the New Jersey Court's Ruling in State v. Garron
    James B. Johnston
  • MAKING SENSE OF RESPONDEAT SUPERIOR: An Integrated Approach for Both Negligent and Intentional Conduct
    Mark E. Roszkowski and Christie L. Roszkowski


  • REGULATING RISK: Reproductive Toxins in the Workplace in the Post-Johnson Controls Era
    Nicole G. Hoeksma
    Kia N. Robert

14:1 Fall 2004


  • GAY MARRIAGE: Equality Matters
    Richard M. Lombino II
    Megan E. Mowrey and Virginia Ward Vaughn
    Lynn D. Wardle


  • THE POLITICS OF BIOLOGY: Evolutionary Biology and the Exclusion of Women
    Arnulfo Urias
  • INCARCERATED WOMEN AND ABUSE: The Crime Connection and the Lack of Treatment in Correction Facilities
    Haegyung Cho

13:2 Spring 2004


  • PUTTING IT TO GOOD USE: The International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights and Women's Right to Reproductive Health Dina Bogecho
  • LOOKING FOR LAW IN ALL THE "WRONG" PLACES: Outlaw Texts and Early Women's Advocacy
    Kristin Brandser Kalsem


    Karen Nutter
  • RAPE SHIELD: Immigrants Deserve the Same Protection We Give Our Citizens
    David K. Reinert
    Michelle R. Adelman

13:1 Fall 2003


  • THE THIRTIETH ANNIVERSARY OF TITLE IX: Women Have Not Reached the Finish Line
    Suzanne Eckes
    Nina W. Tarr
  • QUEERING DOMESTIC VIOLENCE TO "STRAIGHTEN OUT" CRIMINAL LAW: What Might Happen When Queer Theory and Practice Meet Criminal Law's Conventional Responses to Domestic Violence
    Adele M. Morrison


    Sherrie L. Russell-Brown


  • THE DECLINE OF DOMESTIC ADOPTION: Intercountry Adoption as a Response to Local Adoption Laws and Proposals to Foster Domestic Adoption
    Alison Fleisher
  • THE CASTING COUCH IS MORE THAN TORTIOUS: The Case for Expanded Interpretations of Rape Statutes
    Christian Jordan

12:2 Spring 2003


  • Maternity and Childrearing Leave Policies for Faculty: the Legal and Practical Challenges of Complying with Title VII
    Saranna Thornton
  • Abandon Probate Court for Abandoned Children: Combining Probate Guardianship of the Person and Dependency into one Stronger, Fairer Children's Court
    Virginia G. Weisz and Suzanne McCormick
  • Abortion in 1938 and Today: Plus Ça Change, Plus C'est La Même Chose
    Richard W. Bourne


  • The Fallacy of Hejab in Iran: A Critique of Islamic Judicial Review as Performed by the Guardian Council of the Islamic Republic
    Mougeh Shisheneh Mozafarian
  • When to Arrest: What Influences Police Determination to Arrest When there is a Report of Domestic Violence?
    Catherine Popham Durant

12:1 Fall 2002


  • Strange Brew: The Wisconsin Brewing Industry's Opposition to Prohibition, Women's Suffrage and the Age of Consent Laws
    Eric J. Boos
  • Intercollegiate Athletics: The Program Expansion Standard Under Title IX's Policy Interpretation
    Julia Lamber


  • The Right to Procreate While Incarcerated: A look at the 'Obvious' Differences Between Male and Female Inmates
    Robert T. Downs
  • Justice and the Generals: Holding Foreign Military Officers Accountable for Rape and Extrajudicial Killing; The Case of the U.S. Churchwomen Killed in El Salvador Carlos X. Colorado
  • Education Policy Brief: The Imperative of Developing Teen Dating Violence Prevention and Intervention Programs in Secondary Schools Tiffany J. Zwicker

11:2 Spring 2002

Symposium Articles

  • Trapped by a Paradox: Speculations on Why Female Law Professors Find it Hard to Fit into Law School Cultures
    Beverly I. Moran
  • Beyond the Matrix: The Psychological Cost of Fighting for Gender Justice in Law Teaching
    Leslie Espinoza Garvey
  • Coalescing with Salt: A Taste for Inclusion
    Phoebe A. Haddon


  • It's a Hormonal Thing: Premenstrual Syndrome and Postpartum Psychosis as a Criminal Defense
    Connie Huang
  • China's One-Child Policy's Effects on Women and the Paradox of Persecution and Trafficking
    Marry H. Hansel


  • On the Cutting Edge: As Pending Supreme Court Cases Concerning Contraceptive Coverage and Second Parent Adoption Show, California Continues to be at the Forefront of Law
    Mary-Christine Sungaila
  • Petition for Review, Sharon S. v. Superior Court
    Charles A. Bird (Counsel of Record)
  • Petitioner's Opening Brief on the Merits, Sharon S. v. Superior Court
    Michael N. Feuer of Morrison & Forrester LLP
  • Los Angeles County Bar Association et al., Letter Brief in Support of Respondent in Catholic Charities of Sacramento, Inc. v. Superior Court
    Nancy M. Solomon of California Women's Center
  • Brief of Amici Curiae, Planned Parenthood Affiliates of California et al. in Support of Respondent Catholic Charities of Sacramento, Inc. v. Superior Court
    Eve C. Gartner & Donna Lee of Planned Parenthood Federation of America
    Robert Riley of Planned Parenthood of Western Washington
    Lilly Spitz of California Planned Parenthood Education Fund, Inc.
  • Brief of Amici Curiae, The California Abortion and Reproductive Rights Action League et al. in Support of Respondent Catholic Charities of Sacramento, Inc. v. Superior Court
    Bebe J. Andersonof The Center for Reproductive Law and Policy
    Claudia A. Lewis & Sarah L. Kowalski of Farella Braun & Martel LLP
    Ronora Pawelko of Education Fund of Family Planning Advocates of NYS

11:1 Fall 2001


  • Husband and Wife: English Marriage Law From 1750: A Bibilographic Essay
    Hazel D. Lord
  • Women, the Military and the Court: Israel at 2001
    Guy I. Seidman & Eyal A. Nun
  • Battered Bargaining: Domestic Violence and Plea Negotiation in the Criminal Justice System
    Peter Margulies


  • U.S. Involvement in the Sanctions Against Iraq: A potential Basis for a Legal Claim by Iraqi Women?
    Nausheen Hassan
  • Jefferson's Daughters: America's Ambiguity Towards Equal Pay for Women
    Robert J. Franklin

10:2 Spring 2001


  • Constitutionalizing Roe, Casey and Carhart: A Legislative Due-Process Anti-Discrimination Principle that Gives Constitutional Content to the "Undue Burden" Standard of Review Applied to Abortion Control Legislation
    Jeffery A. Van Detta
  • Nguyen v. INS and Sex Stereotyping in Citizenship Laws: Building on the Equal Protection Legacy of Ruth Bader Ginsberg
    Mary-Christine Sungaila
  • Brief of Petitioners, Tuan Anh Nugyen and Joseph Alfred Boulais v. Immigration and Naturalization Service
    Nancy A. Falgout (Counsel of Record)
    Julie Goldshield, Sherry J. Leiwant and Marcellene E. Hearn of NOW Legal Defense and Education Fund
    Martha F. Davis, Kate Stoneman Visiting Professor of Law & Democracy, Albany School of Law
    Steven R. Shapiro and Lucas Guttentag of American Civil Liberties Union Foundation
  • Brief of the National Women's Law Center, et al. as Amici Curiae in Support of Petitioners
    Nancy Duff Campbell (Counsel of Record),
    Nancy L. Perkins and John D. Daley of Arnold & Porter
    Joan Entmacher, Dina R. Lassow, Christina Martin Firvida and Jennifer Mezey of National Women's Law Center
  • Brief of Equality, NOW and Others as Amici Curiae in Support of Petitioners
    Ogden Northrup Lewis (Counsel of Record) of Davis Polk & Wardwell
    Jessica Neuwirth of Equality Now
  • Shielding the Masses: How Litigation Changed the Face of Birth Control Anna Birenbaum
  • Blood, Water and the Impure Woman: Can Jewish Women Reconcile Between Ancient Law and Modern Feminism?
    Ilana S. Cristofar

10:1 Fall 2000


  • Stereotypes in South African and American Constitutional Law: Achieving Gender Equality and Transformation
    Mark S. Kende
  • The Progress of Tanzanian Women in the Law: Women in Legal Education, Legal Employment and Legal Reform
    Jennifer L. Rakstad, Charlotte E. Kaiser & Kris T. Pribadi
  • Earnest and Sincere Women in their Work: Litta Belle Hibben Campbell and Women of the Early USC Law School
    John G. Tomlinson, Jr.
  • The Revenge of the Hot Dog Slut: Peer Harassment After Davis v. Monroe
    Sarah Diane Stevenson
  • Saying Nothing, Talking Loud: Lil' Kim and Foxy Brown, Caricatures of African-American Womanhood
    Lori A. Tribbet-Williams

9:2 Spring 2000

Symposium: Gender-Based Analyses of World Religions and the Law

  • Giddul's Wife and the Power of the Court: On Talmudic Law, Gender, Divorce and Exile
    Aryeh Cohen
  • Out-Lawing God and the Daughter
    Emily Albrink Fowler Hartigan
  • Keeping the Sex in Sex Education: The First Amendment's Religion Clauses and the Sex Education Debate
    Gary J. Simson & Erika A. Sussman

Briefs and Articles

  • United States v. Morrison: The United States Supreme Court, the Violence Against Women Act and the "New Federalism"
    Mary-Christine Sungaila
  • Brief of Petitioner, Brzonkala v. Morrison; U.S. v. Morrison
  • Brief Amici Curiae in Support of Petitioners
    Mary-Christine Sungaila (Counsel of Record), David S. Ettinger and Lisa R. Jaskol of HORVITZ & LEVY, LLP
    Martha F. Davis, Julie Goldshield and Yolanda S. Wu of NOW LEGAL DEFENSE AND EDUCATION FUND
  • Brief Amici Curiae of Senator Joseph R. Biden, Jr. in Support of Petitioners
    Senator Joseph R. Biden, Jr.
  • Venus and Mars in the Jury Deliberation Room: Exploring the Differences That Exist among Male and Female Jurors During the Deliberation Process
    Sandra Benlevy

9:1 Fall 1999

Symposium: Gender-Based Analyses of World Religions and the Law

  • Genesis, Gender and Community
    Theodore Y. Blumoff
  • Gender, Justice and the Left Hand of God: A Lutheran Perspective
    Marie A. Failinger
  • Universals and Particulars: A Comment on Women's Human Rights and Religious Marriage Contracts
    Carol Weisbrod


  • Confronting a Hazard: Do Eating Disorders Plague Women in the Legal Profession?
    Julie E. Buchwald
  • Time to Surrender: A Call for Understanding and the Re-evaluation of Heavy Metal Music Within the Contexts of Legal Liability and Women
    Alexis A. Lury

8:2 Spring 1999


  • Federalizing Social Welfare in a World of Gender Difference: A History of Women's Work in New Deal Policy
    Kathleen M. Keller
  • The Failure of United States v. Lopez Analyzing the Violence Against Women Act
    Sara E. Kropf
  • A Case Study of Taiwanese Family Law
    Li-Ju Lee
  • A Matter of Fact: Hostile Work Environments and Summary Judgments
    Isabel Medina

8:1 Fall 1998


  • Girl's Rights Under International Law: An Argument for Establishing Gender Equaility as a Jus Cogens
    Ladan Askari
  • Women's Rights and the Accommodation of "Difference": Muslim Women in India
    Vrinda Narain
  • Gingerbread Women: Stereotypical Female Attorneys in the Novels of John Grisham
    Carrie S. Coffman
  • Effects of Gender Differences on Physician-Assisted Suicide: Practice and Regulation
    Cynthia A. Prado

7:2 Spring 1997

  • Introduction
    Eric Oifer
  • The Battered Wife of God: Violence, Law, and the Feminist Critique of the Prophets
    Rachel Adler
  • Marriage as a Legal Metaphor: Commentary on Rachel Adler
    Nomi Maya Stolzenberg
  • Response to Rachel Adler's "The Battered Wife of God
    Sheila Briggs


  • Not Color-Or Gender-Neutral: New Tax Treatment of Employment Discrimination Damages
    Karen B. Brown
  • Feminist Jurisprudence and the First Amendment: Hearing
    Gayle Binion
  • Rights of Abused Mothers vs Best Interest of Abused Children: Courts' Termination of Battered Women's Parental Rights Due to Failure to Protect Their Children from Abuse
    Amy R. Melner
  • Litigating Women's Rights as Human Rights: The Case of United States V. Lanier
    Mary-Christine Sungaila
  • Ruminations on In Re Kasinga: The Decisions's Legacy
    Karen Musalo
  • In Re Fauziya Kasinga: Brief for the Respondent
    Karen Musalo

Book Review

  • Critical Race Feminism: Old Wine in a New Bottle or New Legal Genre?
    Jody Armour

7:1 Fall 1997


  • The Beginning of Wisdom Is to Call Things by Their Right Names
    Kif Augustine-Adams
  • The Socratic Method and Women Law Students: Humanize, Don't Feminize
    Jennifer L. Rosato
  • (Why) Does Gender Equity in College Athletics Entail Gender Equality?
    Mark Kelman
  • California's Stepparent Visitation Statute: For the Welfare of the Child, or a Court-Opened Door to Legally Interfere With Parental Autonomy: Where Are the Constitutional Safeguards?
    Diane L. Abraham

6:2 Spring 1997 Symposium: Taxing Women: Thoughts on a Gendered Economy

  • Editors' Introduction: The Importance of Feminists Paying Attention to Socioeconomic Systems
    Interview with Patricia Schroeder
  • A Taxing Woman: The Relationship of Feminist Scholorship to Tax
    Marjorie E. Kornhauser
  • Feminism and "Safe Subjects Like the Tax Code"
    Lawrence Zelenak
  • "A Principle of Law but Not of Justice": Men, Women and Income Taxes in the U.S. 1913-1948
    Alice Kessler-Harris
  • Taxes and Peace: A Case Study of Taxing Women
    Patricia C. Bradford
  • The Economics of Home Production
    Joni Hersch
  • Joint Versus Separate Filing: Joint Return Tax Rates and Federal Complicity in Directing Economic Resources From Women to Men
    Amy C. Christian
  • Taxing Lesbians
    Patricia A. Cain
  • Gender Equity and Tax Policy: The Theory of "Taxing Men"
    Nancy E. Shurtz
  • Taxation and Gendered Citizenship
    Nancy C. Staudt
  • Social Security: What Can Be Done About Marriage Penalties?
    Jonathan Barry Forman
  • "Taxing Marriage"
    Mary Moers Wenig
  • Women's, Men's and Children's Equalities: Some Reflections and Uncertainties
    Nancy E. Dowd
  • Afteword: Towards a Feminization of Wealth
    Edward J. McCaffery


  • Beyond "Compelling": Tenants' Rights in the Conflict Between Religious Freedom and Laws That Prohibit Discrimination Based on Sexual Orientation
    Julie M. Ruhlin
  • Child Custody, Community and Autonomy: The Ties That Bind?
    Linda K. Thomas

6:1 Fall 1996


  • Gender Bias at the Heart of Justice: An Empirical Study of State Task Forces
    Jeannette F. Swent
  • Reconstructing MacKinnon: Essentialism, Humanism, Feminism
    Jeffrey Brand-Ballard
  • Paternalism Without Paternity: Discrimination Against Single Women Seeking Artificial Insemination by Donor
    Holly J. Harlow
  • Estate of Clack: Adding Insult to Injury, or More Problems With the QTIP Tax Provisions
    Wendy C. Gerzog
  • Disparate Treatment of Spouse Murder Defendants
    Wendy Keller

5:2 Spring 1996


  • Institutional Myths, Historical Narratives and Social Science Evidence: Reading the "Record" in the Virginia Military Institute Case
    Dianne Avery
  • Patriarchal Stories I: Cultural Rape Narratives in the Courtroom
    Andrew E. Taslitz
  • And Justice for All: The Admissibility of Uncharged Sexual Misconduct Evidence Under the Recent Amendment to the Federal Rules of Evidence
    Karen M. Fingar
  • Arming Students for Battle: Amending Title IX to Combat the Sexual Harassment of Students by Students in Primary and Secondary School
    Alexandra A. Bodnar
  • Holding Husbands and Lovers Accountable for Rape: Eliminating the "Defendant" Exception of Rape Shield Laws
    Garth E. Hire

5:1 Fall 1995 Lesbians in the Law: Symposium Issue

  • Editor's Introduction
    Tracey Jensen
  • Opening Remarks
    Catharine P. Wells
  • Sex-Based Discrimination: Common Legacies and Common Challenges
    Deborah L. Rhode
  • Sex and Race in Queer Legal Culture: Ruminations on Identities & Inter-Connectivities
    Francisco Valdes
  • Los Angeles Asian Pacific Islander Sisters
    Shella M. Aguilar, MPH
  • United Lesbians of African Heritage
    D. Lisa Powell
  • "Coming Out": The Practical Battles of Being Visible as a Lesbian
    Barbara J. Cox
  • Musing about Discrimination Based on Sex and Sexual Orientation as "Gender Role" Discrimination
    Amelia A. Craig
  • Fighting the Battles in the Public Sector
    Jackie Goldberg
  • Hate Crimes and Other Practical Battles
    B. Kay Shafer
  • Stories from Home: Tales from the Intersection of Race, Gender and Sexual Orientation
    Isabelle R. Gunning
  • First and Last Chance: Looking for Lesbians in Fifties Bar Cases
    Joan W. Howarth
  • To Market, To Market: Considering Class in the Context of Lesbian Legal Theories and Reforms
    Ruthann Robson
  • The Intersection of Race and Gender and Its Effects in the Workplace
    Sandra Farrington-Domingue

4:2 Spring 1995

The Los Angeles County Bar Association Report on Sexual Orientation Bias

This Report was prepared by the Los Angeles County Bar Association's Ad Hoc Committee on Sexual Orientation Bias based on research conducted over the course of two years. The Report itself illustrates the pervasive and harmful effects of sexual orientation discrimination in the Los Angeles legal community.

4:1 Fall 1994 American Association of Law Schools Symposium: Bringing Values and Perspectives Back into the Law School Classroom: Practical Ideas for Teachers

  • Introduction Catharine Pierce Wells
  • Starting With the Students: Lessons From Popular Education Frances Ansley
  • Foreward: Toward a Race-Conscious Pedagogy in Legal Education Kimberle Williams Crenshaw
  • Constructing Professional Boundaries in Law School: Reactions of Students and Implications for Teachers Robert Granfield
  • Politicizing the Classroom Duncan Kennedy
  • Bringing Values and Perspectives Back into the Law School Classroom Stephanie M. Wildman


  • Feminist Perspectives, Disability, Sexuality and Law: New Issues and Agendas Harlan Hahn
  • Reproductive Rights and the Human Genome Project Julia Walsh
  • A Radical Reshaping of the Law: Interpreting and Remedying Street Harassment Tiffanie Heben
  • Is Beauty the Beast? Meg Gehrke
  • A Legal and Social Comparison of Heterosexual and Same-Sex Domestic Violence: Similar Inadequacies in Legal Recognition and Response Carla M. da Luz

3:2 Spring 1994


  • At the Intersection of Gender and Sexual Orientation: Toward Lesbian Jurisprudence Mary Eaton
  • Parental Rights and the Definition of Motherhood in Surrogate Motherhood Scott B. Rae, Ph.D.
  • Sexual Harassment in the Military Yxta Maya Murray
  • Abused Women Abused by the Law: The Plight of Battered Women in California and a Proposal for Revising the California Self-Defense Law Kym C. Miller


  • I Ain't Gonna Work on Zoe's Farm No More: Reply to Susan Grover Marc Linder
  • "Ain't"? Susan S. Grover

3:1 Fall 1993


  • The Rights and Wrongs of Norplant Offers Douglas A. Berman
  • Education: An Illusion for Women Barbara Anne Murphy
  • Call the Caterer: Hawaii to Host First Same-Sex Marriage Erik J. Toulon
  • Employment Discrimination and Clergywomen: Where the Law Has Feared to Tread Elisabeth S. Wendorff
  • To Work or Not to Work, and What About the Kids? Ellen R. Zieve

2:2 Spring 1993 Women and the Courts

  • Introduction: Feminism and the Courts Judith Resnik
  • Zoe Baird, Betrayal and Fragmentation Susan S. Grover
  • A Justification of the Cultural Defense as Partial Excuse Alison Dundes Renteln
  • The Legal Community's Response to Drug Use During Pregnancy in the Criminal Sentencing and Dependency Contexts: A Survey of Judges, Prosecuting Attorneys, and Defense Attorneys in Ten California Counties Barrie Becker and Judge Peggy Hora
  • Downward Departures Under the Federal Sentencing Guidelines: Are Parenthood and Pregnancy Appropriate Sentencing Considerations? Tracy Tyson
  • Feminist Judging: An Introductory Essay Sharon Elizabeth Rush
  • Gender Bias Task Forces: How They Have Fulfilled Their Mandate and Recommendations for Change Kathleen L. Soll

2:1 Fall 1992 Women and Crime

  • Justice: One Woman's Perspective Brenda Aris and Gloria Killian
  • Equal Justice for Some Gloria Killian
  • Women's Pathways to Felony Court: Feminist Theories of Lawbreaking and Problems of Representation Kathleen Daly
  • Thelma and Louise and Bonnie and Jean: Images of Women as Criminals Susan N. Herman
  • Heat of Passion and Wife Killing: Men Who Batter/Men Who Kill Donna K. Coker
  • Reconstructing the Female Criminal: Women and Crack Cocaine Lisa Maher
  • A Collage of Voices: A Dialogue With Women in Prison Tracy Thornburg and Diane Trunk
  • A Matter of Justice: Overcoming Juror Bias in Prosecutions of Batterers Through Expect Witness Testimony of the Common Experiences of Battered Women Alana Bowman
  • A Cynical Twist of Fate: How Processes of Ruling in the Criminal Justice System and the Social Sciences Impede Justice for Battered Women Tineke Ritmeester and Ellen Pence
  • Privacy and the Rape Victim: The Inconsistent Treatment of Privacy Interests in Two Recent Supreme Court Cases Terri Villa-McDowell
  • The End of Frye Is the Beginning of Successful Sexual Assault Prosecution Teri Breuer
  • Pregnancy and the Criminalization of Perinatal Substance Abuse: Unethical, Unconstitutional and Poor Public Policy Shawn N. Randolph
  • Review Essay: Feminism, Lawyering, and Death Row Joan W. Howarth

1:1 Winter 1992 A Symposium on Reconstructing Motherhood

  • Reflection on Reconstructing Motherhood Fatima Cortez
  • M Is for the Many Things Carol Sanger
  • Mother Blaming: Psychology and the Law Catherine McBride-Chang, Carol Nagy Jacklin and Chandra Reynolds
  • Abortion and the Maternal-Fetal Conflict: Broadening Our Concerns Marjorie M. Shultz
  • Politics and Pregnancy: Adolescent Mothers and Public Policy Deborah L. Rhode
  • Maternal Feelings: Myth, Taboo, and Child Custody Mary Becker
  • Intimate Work: The Regulation of Female Sexuality and Reproduction Judith Grant
  • Two Legal Constructs of Motherhood: "Protective" Legislation in Mexico and the United States Antoinette Sedillo Lopez
  • Is It Enough that Johnson Controls? Laura C. Fry