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Reciprocity Services

USC Gould's location in the heart of a large metropolitan area with a highly competitive legal market makes the school a magnet for many law graduates from other states — many of whom want to use the resources of the USC Gould Career Services Office in their job searches.

Our reciprocity policy is designed to fulfill our primary responsibility to serve USC Gould students and graduates while still offering employment information to job candidates from other law schools. Requests for use of the USC Gould Career Services Office from USC undergraduates enrolled at other ABA-accredited law schools will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis per law school.

We allow one non-USC student or graduate to use our office for every USC Gould student or graduate granted reciprocity at another school career services office. Note that access to the USC Gould Career Services Office will not be permitted if the requesting student or graduate is currently receiving visitation privileges at another Southern California-area law school.

When granted, reciprocity to students/alumni of other law schools excludes counseling services and is only available for a period of two months. Services available are:

  • Access to the Career Services library and resources
  • Online job listings access (only available in office)

Requests for reciprocity services must be made in writing by the student's or graduate's law school career services office via fax, email or regular mail at least two weeks prior to the visit. We will respond in writing if the request has been granted or denied. An address for the student/graduate must be provided. Individuals appearing in our office without a request letter in hand will not be granted services. The student/graduate must call ahead to confirm office hours and availability and to confirm that the letter or request has been received. Individuals must identify themselves when they come in to the office and may be asked to provide identification.

Reciprocity services will be suspended between January 2-March 1 and July 1-November 15 each year. No reciprocity requests or services will be granted during this period.

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