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Note: If you are applying to one of USC Gould's LLM programs, please wait until you receive an admissions decision before applying to the Summer Law and English program. USC Gould admitted students do not have to submit additional application materials for SLE and will receive an application fee waiver code with their admissions letter.

SLE is designed primarily for those who have earned or will soon earn an undergraduate degree outside of the United States and for students of all levels of English fluency. Applicants must be at least 21 years old at the start date of the program to enroll.

Please use your full legal name as it appears on your passport.

Briefly state why you would like to attend USC Gould's SLE.

Please share any learning disabilities or physical difficulties that may require special accommodations in the classroom and during activities. This information will be used for internal planning purposes only and to make sure our program is accessible to all students.

Please list any dietary restrictions or food allergies. This information will be used for meal planning.

Visa Information

If you are not a U.S. citizen, permanent resident, or have not been granted political asylum, an I-20 form from USC is required to apply for a F-1 student visa. International students are required to study in SLE on an F-1 visa; students may not attend SLE on a B1/B2 tourist/visitor visa. If you are a U.S. citizen, permanent resident, or have been granted political asylum, you will not need an I-20 form or F-1 student visa. You must send a copy of your passport and copies of your dependent(s) if applicable to:

I need an I-20 Form for an F-1 student visa.
I need an I-20 Form for an F-1 student visa from USC, and I plan to transfer-out to another university following SLE.
I do not need an I-20 Form because I am a U.S. citizen, permanent resident, or have been granted political asylum.
I have an F-1 visa from another school and would like to transfer-in to USC.
I have an I-20 Form from USC and I plan to transfer my I-20 to SLE.

My family (dependents) will accompany me on F-2 visas and will need I-20 Forms.


Financial Support Documentation

You must provide a Financial Statement in English showing a minimum of $6,250 (USD). If you need an I-20 Form, please check at least one of the items below:

I am self-sponsored. I will send a copy of my bank statement(s).
I am sponsored by an organization. I will send a letter on my sponsoring organization letterhead, signed by a representative of my sponsoring organization, which specifically states the amount of financial support to be given.
I am sponsored by an individual. I will send a letter, signed by that individual, which indicates their relationship to me (e.g., relative, friend or other) and specifically states the amount of financial support to be given. I will also send a bank statement(s) from that individual.
I plan to use my own funds to supplement my sponsor's support. I will also include with the above materials a copy of my bank statement(s).
I am a U.S. citizen/permanent resident and do not need to submit financial documents.


  • If you are bringing your spouse and/or dependents, then you must add an additional $1,117 for your spouse and $558 for each child to the minimum amount on your Financial Support Documentation.
  • If you have already submitted financial support documentation with your application to one of USC Gould's master's degrees, it is not required for you to re-submit the documentation.

Housing Request

Are you interested in campus housing at USC Village?

*Please note that we do not offer campus housing for students with minors (children under 18 years old).

Yes, I am interested in campus housing.
No, I will find my own housing.

Referral Information

How did you hear about SLE?

LLM Program Enrollment

Are you starting a master's degree at USC Gould this fall?

Yes, I will enroll in one of USC Gould's master's degrees (Master of Laws, 2-Year LLM, LLM in Alternative Dispute Mediation, LLM in International Business and Economic Law, LLM in Privacy Law and Cybersecurity, Master of Dispute Resolution, Master of International Trade and Economic Law, or Master of Studies in Law.)
Yes, I will enroll at another law school for my studies. I will need to transfer my USC I-20 document to this school after the completion of SLE.

Program Application Fee

Upon admission to SLE, we will send you an official admissions letter (if you meet all our admissions eligibility requirements), which will include instructions on how to submit your payment for the additional program fees (University fee, Tuition fee, Housing application fee and Housing fees).

SLE Application Fee - $100 (USD)

Estimation of Expenses

The estimated average expenses for SLE are $6,250. This includes $1,950 for housing and other living expenses and $4,300 for tuition and fees. Add an additional $1,117 per month for your spouse and $558 per month for each child. This estimate does not assume living, travel, or transportation expenses during your SLE studies.

Fee Waiver

If you have been admitted to and will enroll in a master's degree at USC Gould School of Law, enter the fee waiver code which was provided in your admission packet. We do not provide refunds if the fee waiver code is not entered here when applying.