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Cost of Attendance

The average cost of attendance is detailed below and includes tuition, fees, books and living expenses during the nine-month academic year. This amount also represents the maximum total financial aid package (all loans and grants combined) you can expect to receive per year.

USC Gould students pay the same tuition rate regardless of their state of residence. Please note that rates for tuition and fees are set annually and are subject to change.

Law students are not permitted to work during the first year, but may hold part-time employment of up to 20 hours per week during the second and third years.

2019-20 Estimated Cost of Attendance

Living at Home Living On/Off Campus
Tuition $66,306 $66,306
Mandatory Fees $885 $885
Books/Supplies $2050 $2050
Housing Allowance $0 $12,150
Board $6,300 $6,300
Personal/Misc $2,394 $2,394
Transportation $2,610 $2,610




2019-20 Tuition and Fee Schedule

The figures below represent the cost for a full academic year. These fees are divided equally between the fall and spring semesters unless otherwise noted.

Tuition $66,306
USC Health Center Fee (Mandatory) $733
Graduate Programming Fee (Mandatory) $86
Student Bar Association Fee (Mandatory)$50
Norman Topping Scholarship Fee (Mandatory)$16
USC Health Insurance Plan (Can be waived, if proof of coverage provided) $2118 (fall = $753; spring/summer = $1365)
Public Interest Law Fund (Optional) $50
Tuition Refund Insurance (Optional) $240 (Estimate)
Parking Permit (Optional) $730 - $1000 (Estimate)
USC Dental Insurance (Optional) $136 (fall only, but coverage is for the full year)

Paying for Your Degree

USC's Office of Student Financial Services offers numerous payment options, including an interest-free USC Payment Plan for tuition, fees, university housing, meals and other charges, paid in monthly installments. Overall, financial aid for USC Gould students has increased 172% since 2011 to improve the actual cost and value.