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Requirements for Media and Entertainment Law Certificate

To obtain a Certificate in Media and Entertainment Law, J.D. students must take a total of at least 21 units of the Mandatory and Elective Courses listed below. J.D. students must take all Mandatory Courses. All J.D. students who are "1Ls" or "2Ls" as of August 2014, and all incoming J.D. students thereafter, must take at least 4 units of one or more courses that appear below under Elective Courses (Skills; Clinical). Note that not all listed courses are offered every year.

 Click Here For: Mandatory Courses

  • Intellectual Property (3) OR Copyright, Trademark and Related Rights (3)
  • Business Organizations (4)
  • Taxation (4)

 Click Here For: Elective Courses (Substantive Law)

  • Advanced Copyright (3)
  • Advanced Trademark (3)
  • Antitrust Law (3)
  • Art Law (2)
  • Communications Law: Internet, Television and Other Media (3)
  • Entertainment Law (2)
  • First Amendment (3)
  • Intellectual Property Licensing (2)
  • International Protection of Intellectual Property (2)
  • Internet Law (2)
  • Legal Issues in the Motion Picture Industry (2)
  • Legal and Business Issues in the Digital Age (2)
  • Legal Issues in the Music Industry (2)
  • Legal Issues in Television (2)
  • Patent Law (3)
  • Privacy Law (3)
  • Regulation of Telecommunications (3)
  • The Business of Entertainment, Media and Technology (1)
  • Topics in Entertainment Law: Entertainment and Media Law Spotlight (1)
  • Topics in Entertainment Law: Entertainment Unions and Guilds (1)
  • Topics in Entertainment Law: Legal and Business Issues in the Digital Age (2)
  • Venture Capital Law

 Click Here For: Elective Courses (Skills; Clinical)

  • Business Planning: Structuring and Financing a New Enterprise (4)
  • Copyright Law in Practice (2)
  • Counseling the Startup (2)
  • Deal Structure, Strategy and Negotiation (4)
  • Deals (3)
  • Digital Media Transactions (2)
  • Entertainment Law in Practice (3)
  • Entertainment Practicum (1)
  • Intellectual Property and Technology Clinic (4)
  • Intellectual Property Litigation (3)
  • Patent Litigation (3)
  • Sports Law in Practice (2)
  • Technology Transactions (3)
  • Topics in Entertainment Law: Entertainment Dealmaking (1)
  • Trademark Law in Practice (3)
  • Video Game Law in Practice (2)

 Click Here For: USC School of Cinematic Arts Courses *

* USC School of Cinematic Arts courses count as elective Courses (JD students only).

  • The World of the Producer (4)
  • The Television Industry: Networks, Cable and the Internet (4)
  • Feature Film Financing and the Studio System (4)
  • Digital Technologies and the Entertainment Industry (4)
  • Entertainment Marketing in Today's Environment (4)
  • Seminar in Motion Picture Business (4)
  • The Business of Representation (4)

No more than 4 units of the mandatory or elective Courses may be taken CR/D/F. The Entertainment Law Practicum does not count against this 4-unit limit.

Other courses at the Law School or at other parts of the University or at other universities may count as elective Courses or may substitute for mandatory Courses with the approval of the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs.

Students may earn certificates in both Business Law and Entertainment Law. Courses, such as Business Organization, Taxation, and Entertainment Law, may count toward both certificates.

Classes taken at other schools count toward the units required for the certificate, even if the student chooses not to have those units count toward the J.D.

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