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Course Descriptions

Course Descriptions

Entrepreneurial Opportunities in Online Dispute Resolution (Spring 2017)

  • Course Number: LAW-818
  • Class Number: 03567
  • Instructor: Casey Schwab

Course Description

Over the last several years, activities that once primarily depended on face-to-face interaction have increasingly come to involve the internet. Alongside examples like ecommerce and online dating is the lesser-known practice of online dispute resolution (ODR). For instance, the company Modria reportedly resolves over 400 million ecommerce disputes per year. But the ODR market is still very much in its infancy, as evidenced by the fact that ecommerce disputes only represent a small portion of disputes that are, in principle, resolvable online. 

This course presents the theoretical groundwork of ODR and prepares students to be successful neutrals in ODR settings. It also pushes the bounds of traditional ADR (alternative dispute resolution) by examining ODR business models from an entrepreneurial perspective.  The course is taught in a conventional classroom fashion and is not taught online.

Course Objectives

In this course, you will:

·         Study the fundamentals of ODR and its relationship to ADR.

·         Examine the landscape of ODR, both by learning about its history and evaluating various ODR ventures.

·         Practice settling disputes within the traditional bounds of ADR and also by use of online tools such as videoconference and email. 

·         Explore new ODR business models that transcend the traditional conventions of ADR.

·         Conceive, construct and pitch an ODR-centered business plan. 

Course Details

  • Unit Value: 3
  • Grading Options: Numerical Only
  • Schedule: T 7:00 pm - 9:40 pm
  • Room Number: Room 118/120
  • Exam: None
  • Writing Requirement: No
  • Skills/Experiential Unit Requirement: yes
  • Participation: Required and graded