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Course Descriptions

Course Descriptions

International Investment Law and Arbitration (Spring 2017)

  • Course Number: LAW-626
  • Class Number: 03267
  • Instructor: Katia Yannaca-Small

Course Description

This course will introduce students to international investment law and investor-state arbitration. In particular, it will provide students with an understanding of the protection offered to foreign investment and investors through bilateral investment treaties (BITs) and multilateral and regional investment and free trade agreements. This protection includes the recourse of foreign investors to a unique form of arbitration against the host states, the so-called investor-state arbitration, a fast-paced field that involves a blend of international commercial arbitration, public international law and public law. The course will familiarize the students with the policy background to investment treaties, the mechanisms and procedural rules that govern investor-state arbitration, the key jurisdictional issues and substantive principles and standards that apply to this form of arbitration, the remedies awarded, the annulment/set aside and enforcement of the award. The course will examine landmark cases and address the current debate about the legitimacy of the investor-state dispute system (ISDS) and the various initiatives undertaken to improve it.  

*This course will meet from January 23 through February 17 only.

Course Details

  • Unit Value: 2
  • Grading Options: Numerical Only
  • Schedule: M/W 5:00 pm - 8:00*
  • Room Number: Room 114
  • Exam: Take-home exam
  • Writing Requirement: No
  • Skills/Experiential Unit Requirement: No
  • Participation: 15% of final grade will be based on class participation and attendance