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Course Descriptions

Course Descriptions

Evidence (Spring 2019)

  • Course Number: LAW-608
  • Class Number: 03240
  • Instructor: Brian Hoffstadt

Course Description

This course is designed to provide a comprehensive understanding of the law of evidence, including the current rules of evidence and the policies underlying them.  The course will focus on the Federal Rules of Evidence but will also compare and contrast them with the California Rules of Evidence. 


Format:   During class, students will be the judges—ruling anonymously on a variety of evidentiary objections using Poll Everywhere software.  From those objections, we will draw out the pertinent rules and the rationales beneath them.


Grading:   The grade in this course will be based on your performance on a single, end-of-semester essay examination and, to a much lesser extent, on class participation.  The use of laptop computers will be permitted during the final examination.  Moreover, this course may be taken CR / D / F.  I will adhere to the grading curve specified in the USC Law School guidelines.


Course Details

  • Unit Value: 4
  • Grading Options: Numerical or CR/D/F
  • Schedule: M/W 5:00 pm - 6:50 pm
  • Room Number: Room 3
  • Exam: In-class exam
  • Writing Requirement: No
  • Skills/Experiential Unit Requirement: no
  • Participation: Required