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Course Descriptions

Course Descriptions

Advanced Legal Writing for Business Lawyers (Fall 2019)

  • Course Number: LAW-883
  • Class Number: 03569
  • Instructor: Janis Penton

Course Description

This course is designed for students interested in business law and other transactional practice areas. Students will develop the foundational skills necessary to communicate clearly, concisely, and appropriately in a business law setting. This will include identifying the audience and objective; structure and organization; clarity; consistency; and “plain English” best practices.  Students will practice these skills through a series of exercises and simulations completed both inside and outside of class, both individually and collaboratively. These exercises and simulations, which include a variety of types of written communications, are intended to help students improve their analytical, drafting, and editing skills and develop sensitivity to the expectations of attorneys, clients and others with whom they may be working (such as government regulators and counterparties).  Students will gain experience drafting and editing, thereby reinforcing the concepts they are learning and discussing in class.

Enrollment:  20 students

Course Details

  • Unit Value: 2
  • Grading Options: Numerical Only
  • Schedule: T 10:00 am - 11:50 am
  • Room Number: Room 12
  • Exam: None
  • Writing Requirement: Yes
  • Skills/Experiential Unit Requirement: yes
  • Participation: Required and graded
  • Enrollment Limitation: 20 students