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Course Descriptions

Course Descriptions

U.S. Foreign Policy and International Law (Fall 2019)

  • Course Number: LAW-714
  • Class Number: 03398
  • Instructor: Josh Lockman

Course Description

This course will cover and examine current U.S. foreign policy challenges and the underlying international legal issues and principles that shape them.  Such challenges, including the Iranian nuclear weapons crisis, the NATO intervention in Libya and potential intervention in Syria, the war against al-Qaeda, and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, will be analyzed from the perspective of international jurisprudence, evaluating how international law ultimately shapes and complicates the development of U.S. foreign policy in responding to such challenges.  This course will also include student-led presentations exploring a recent or current U.S. foreign policy challenge in depth, as well as presentations from two guest speakers who have worked extensively in the arena of U.S. foreign policy.


Course Details

  • Unit Value: 2
  • Grading Options: Numerical or CR/D/F
  • Exam: Paper and presentation
  • Writing Requirement: Yes with submission of the Upper Division Writing Requirement Form.
  • Skills/Experiential Unit Requirement: no
  • Participation: Required and graded